Francisco Cubrito


Race: Human, Male

Agility: 8; Smarts 8; Spirit 6; Strength 4; Vigor 6
Skills: Fighting 8, Gambling 8, Knowledge (English) 6, Knowledge (Fabels) 6, Persuasion 6, Riding 6, Shooting 6, Spellcasting 10, Taunt 8

Edges: Attractive, Arcane Background

Hindrances: Arrogant (Major), Quirk (Minor) Fastidious, Death Wish (Minor) Die in the ring


Francisco is the epitome of ostentation. He often tries to enter or leave a room with a flourish. He meets his opponents, whether at the poker table or for a women’s attention with the same braggadocio as fighting a bull. However, he keeps his magical abilities hidden as best as possible, pulling them out only when drastically needed.

Francisco was born into a proud mexican ranching family. The family was well known for their steer as well as their bullfighting history. Francisco’s father and grandfather were both famous matadors who each perished in the ring, strangely both to a white bull named “ghost”. While it seems impossible it was the same beast, Francisco has set off on a quest to find and slay it.

Nightmare: Francisco fears loosing his dark wavy hair more than anything, whether by age or by being scalped.

Francisco Cubrito

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