Ol Stumpy


Agility: 6, Smarts 4, Spirit, 8, Strength 6, Vigor 8
Skills: Driving 4, Fighting 6, Guts, 8, Knowledge Occult 6, Notice 4, Riding 4, Shooting 6, Survival 4, Throwing 4

Hindrances – One Leg, Bad eyes, Delusional

Edges – Veteran o’ the Weird West, Knack (Breech), Brawny, Dodge, Hard to Kill, Liquid Courage


Mortimer Jacobs was a private in an artillery unit on the Union side. The unit saw lots of action and Mortimer was blown up on numerous occasions but somehow always survived. However, it left him more than a bit addled. Eventually, he was let go, officially due to “Shell Shock.” He wandered West with the intent of being a prospector/miner based on his explosive expertise (he is disturbingly comfortable with explosives). Needless to say that he ended up being blown up a few more times. Probably he has been loosing bits of his leg along the way. He has also had issues with people/animals/monsters taking his prosthetic (and maybe a bit more leg). As such, nothing pisses him off more than that. It has reached the point that he will always be suspicious that the bad guy is actually after his leg (official delusion focus).

At this point, mining operations have taken to hiring him to store their explosives because, well, who else are you going to get to live with crates of explosives? The current mine hired him well before they got started so that they had someone to watch over/store shipments etc. As the mine got under way he was more like the quartermaster.

Equipment: Nearly all of Stumpy’s equipment is “old” (= el cheapo). I bought lots of things. I would also guess that nearly every possible item is somewhere around his cabin in a worse than el cheapo state. This makes the place quite dangerous and no sane person would try to invade or steal. The exception is likely his shotgun shells and probably one of his several shotguns. I believe that this means his charisma takes a -2, his buckboard and mule will have issues, and his older shotguns may misfire.

Dynamite: Stumpy has a case that he regards as his (there may be more around that his is storing for others). Like most of Stumpy possessions, the dynamite is “old” (el cheapo)…. A bit of digging suggests that dynamite can get unstable or become a dud. Oddly, unstable is not really a problem in combat, but rather when handling it. Of course Stumpy is well versed in explosives and so can readily recognize a sweating stick. Disposing of it is another matter…. In combat, the dud is more the concern.
One possibility would be to have Stumpy sort through the case and pick out all the good looking ones. Thus, my case is less than a full case with the remainder looking for an excuse to explode. Of the good looking ones, some fraction are duds.
At any given time, Stumpy is probably only carrying a couple of sticks, with a couple more in the buckboard.

Dynamite 4/8/16 2d6/stick 1 $3 .5 1 – MBT; 1” radius,1 inch damage per
additional stick

Ol Stumpy

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