Coffin Rock

Main mine – Cooked Earth Mine
Founder – John Daly
From Boston, owned most the town
Sherrif Marshal Thomas Bryce
Priest Reverend Cheval. Founded The Brotherhood of the New Covenant. Escaped lunatic from New Orleans.
Daly’s house burned down.
Bryce hung a drunk miner for the crime
Spirit of the mountains Tacheene

Blood men working in the mine and several wondering the hills killing anyone they come across, mostly miners.

Fear Seams of blood-red rock become more visible in and around the town as the Fear Level rises and the rocks take on a skeletal

look. The earth becomes dry as corpse dust, and the buildings look hollow and haunted, with windows and doors like tombstones.

Bell tolls for every death.

Zombies in the hills

Character reflections
Gun slinger sees someone going for a gun behind him
Li sees Saruwaka Nori, fire, loved ones
Francisco – white bull, father, grandfather, loss of hair
Doc Lightning – ?
Stumpy – ?
Mags – Dead family, dead owner Frederick Thomas, posse, French
Tom – Confederate Solders, killing Union troops, friends/family being killed while Tom is helpless

1 Crystal River hotel
Carl Testeverde and ghost wife.

2 Jewel Theater
Belle Sygrove
Show girls
Soiled doves

3. Six Feet Under
Taylor Johnson barkeep
Mayor Wilfred Hambly
Mike Hall piano player
Lizzie Pierce show girl
Assayer Ike Turnbull
Grocer Ray Wisely playing very low stakes poker

4 Sheriff’s Office
Marshal Thomas Bryce – usually out
6 Deputies 2 usually out

5 Assay Office
Ike Turnbull Closes early and goes to 6 feet under

6 General Store
Ray Wisely has fled. Home or 6 feet under playing low stakes poker

7 Church
Deacon Robert Plume
Cultists 3 per hero

8 Cemetery
John Daly at fear 4+

9 Livery & Corral
Empty but for 2 dead horses

10 Hardware Store

11 Doctors Surgery
Dr William Osgood

12 Blacksmith
Blacksmith Jonah Thurgood Always here

13 Library

14 Derelict Boarding House

15 Mayors Office

16 School House
Ghost of girl

17 Barber

18 Bank

19 Daly’s Burntout Mansion
Burnt down

20 Newspaper Office
Empty but for mice swarms

Coffin Rock

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